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Dr. Deborah

I loved the detail the course was taught with, and the wide variety of topics covered. I did really feel prepared to use the material right away, with confidence. 

Dr. Christine

The online modules were awesome. The videos were engaging and Dr. Alli is full of amazing information!

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Our online evidenced-based program will empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to become the go-to expert for postpartum care in your community. You’ll walk away with 8 credits towards your continued education, along with tools and knowledge you can implement the moment you return to your practice on Monday morning. This includes learning how to:

Conduct a proper health history and physical examination of postpartum women—whether they are weeks, months, or years into their journey.


Safely prescribe core and pelvic floor exercises to your patients and confidently advise patients about what exercises to avoid and modify in the postpartum period.


Provide proper assessment techniques for diastasis recti, as well as techniques to generate core tension, breath work and intra-abdominal pressure.

The GrowCo Ambassador Program

Every day, GrowCo ambassadors across the country are changing the face of women’s health and having a real impact on the long-term wellbeing of mothers. After attending our GrowCo seminar, you have the chance to apply for our ambassador program and become part of an influential tribe of highly-trained doctors who have partnered together to level up their practices and raise the standard of postpartum care across the country. GrowCo ambassadors add a new revenue stream to their business worth thousands by implementing our rehab based programs for post partum women. As an ambassador, you’ll gain exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you’ll receive our programming, branding and social media copy + content, and access to future seminars and our online streaming portal