Navigating Sexual Dysfunction with Dr. Jordin Wiggins

Episode #3

“It is hard to tell your partner what you want. You can have a great partnership, but when it comes to communicating our sexual needs, we fall silent.” - Dr. Jordin Wiggins

“Pleasure is like a faucet. After giving birth it’s turned off for the winter. We need to slowly turn it back on.” - Dr. Jordin Wiggins

“70% of women do not orgasm based on penetration alone.” - Dr. Jordin Wiggins

“1 in 2 women globally will suffer from sexual dysfunction at some point in their lifetime. That’s a health crisis to me, and we don’t talk about it.” - Dr. Jordin Wiggins

“I feel like I’m on this planet to change the way women feel about themselves, their bodies, their pleasure, their sexuality because so much of what we’re taught is wrong.” - Dr. Jordin Wiggins

“Bringing evidence-based information to the postnatal space is something that I’m on a mission to do, but also bringing information around pleasure and sex.” - Dr. Alli Cain