I’ll never forget the first time I recognized the gap in care delivered to women postpartum. In my fourth year of residency, I treated the mother of a three-year-old who had suffered a disc herniation. During her exam, I discovered a three-finger sized diastasis recti that had never healed. A ticking time bomb left untreated for three years.

My early days of entrepreneurship were spent in CrossFit gyms, where I watched women shy away from jumping or skipping for fear of peeing. As a chiropractor, I treated mothers struggling with chronic pelvic and back pain. And in my heart, I knew I needed to be a better coach and doctor for these women.

That mission became even clearer when it came time to start my own family.

I founded GrowCo in 2018 when I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby.

Eight weeks before my due date I sat, pen to paper, writing out my own rehab programs. I wanted to have the healthiest postpartum recovery possible. I wanted to avoid the pain and incontinence I saw my athletes and patients suffering from.

In preparing for my own recovery, I decided you shouldn’t have to be a doctor with 10 years of education to know how to properly take care of a women’s body after baby. I couldn’t keep this information to myself.

So I launched a postpartum rehab program for my community: GrowCo was born. I was joined by a handful of new moms—with their newborns in tow—who rolled out their mats next to each other, making a commitment to grow through this, together.

After many requests from colleagues, we created the GrowCo Seminar, aimed at giving fellow chiropractors, physiotherapists and health professionals the tools and knowledge needed to deliver a higher standard of care for postpartum women.

In 2020, I welcomed my second baby into the world, reigniting my passion for changing the narrative for women’s health. I can’t imagine postpartum recovery without this kind of support. And my dream is that one day, no woman will have to get through this alone.