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The GrowCo ab rehab app is our virtual post natal rehab community.

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Finding the right mix between strengthening and healing is essential for your body, mama. Pushing yourself too soon, having a trainer yell “10 more reps” at you, or stressing over getting your pre-baby body back is not aiding your healing.

We prescribe progressive healing through exercise that targets your core, pelvic floor and total body to prevent, reduce, or resolve symptoms that so many have told you are an inevitable consequence of childbirth.

This is more than mommy and me yoga.
This is the healing you deserve.

Your Healing Cannot Wait.

What you do now will affect the next 40-50 years of your life.

The key to avoiding postpartum complications like incontinence, low back pain and pelvic pain is providing yourself with the same level of care that your baby receives post partum. Unfortunately, that’s not the message most mothers go home with.

Mama, your healing cannot wait.

4 weeks of post natal ab rehab per month

Video guidance for generating proper core tension, breathwork and checking for diastasis recti.

C-section specific rehab techniques

Community! Private access to post natal doctors

2 monthly podcasts, vlogs or masterclasses

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